Eion is listed on bustle.com as 1 of 11 ‘Emergency Room’ Characters Who Deserve Way More Love. Eion played ‘Jake Scanlon’ in the TV hit show ER: Emergency Room between 2004 and 2005.

Jake Scanlon (Eion Bailey) only appeared in 10 episodes of E.R., which is a shame. A med student who got cuddly with Abby, Jake had the potential to be a major heartthrob for the show. It’s too bad that never happened, but at least we can all look back now and give him the appreciation he (and his scruff) deserved.

If nothing else, all of these characters deserve to have been stars of some highly popular fan fiction.


Eion was listed on cbr.com‘s list of ’18 Actors You Completely Forgot Appeared In The Buffyverse’. They listed Eion on #6 and wrote

Eion Bailey is most familiar as a television character actor, known for his recurring roles on Covert Affairs, Ray Donovan, and Stalker; Bailey also appeared as August (aka Pinocchio) on Once Upon a Time, and starred as Private Webster in the HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers. But Bailey’s first role came in 1997, in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, “The Pack.”

In the episode, the sixth of the first season, Xander is possessed by an animal spirit, as are several of his classmates — their behavior gets more and more aggressive, leading them to bound down the hallways on fours like dogs and to literally eat the principal. Bailey co-stars as one of the predatory high schoolers who torments another student, leading Xander to follow them and accidentally become possessed himself.

Eion made his first TV Appeareance on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, check out Stills and Screen Captures on the Gallery. CBR is short for Comic Book Resources and is the ‘leading pop culture Web site devoted to comic books, graphic novels, super hero films, comic book movies and everything that is comics culture’.