‘The Last Tycoon’ is finally up for streaming on Amazon Prime and Eion is in three Episode, I’ve added the Screen Captures to the Gallery. You can read what happens to Eions character in the Spoiler below.

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Clint Frost (Eion) is an upcoming actor and the hope of Monroe Stahr (Matt Bomer). In a test screening they realize Frost is an awful actor and just boring, so they plan to re-shot the movie (Episode 2). Frost is excited about it, having his own idea for changes, but learns quickly – through Stahr -, that he won’t be in the movie anymore. Sad and shocked he wants his hat and leave the studio through the back door (Episode 3). On Christmas Frost visits Stahr and tells him how he has been the last few weeks/months and that he now is sober. He invites Stahr to a christmas party, but when Stahr arrives there, he is not welcomed by the host and left. Frost is not amused about it, but says nothing (Episode 6).

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  1. Johanna says:

    This reminds me that I have to catch up on this show. And I haven’t even watched his latest movie yet. Eion appearances are so rare and I still manage to fall behind, can you believe it?

    Anyways I’m sooo glad this site exists.