Many Fans loved the experience of meeting Eion at the Wales Comic Con, I wrote about an Artist giving Eion an awesome drawing of himself at the WCC yesterday, today I’ll write about an inspiring little boy called Leon.

Leon was born in 2013 with 29 weeks and 3 days earlier, making him almost 11 weeks premature. He was born with Cerebral Palsy. Walking is a distant goal, but it is possible. There is a surgery called SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) which will help Leon to walk and he will have this surgery in October this year. There is a Fundraiser, where you can donate to pay for his surgery, the needed equipment and ongoing physio.

His proud mom shared on Twitter that Eion has been the only Guest on the Convention, that went down to Leon and talked to him on the same level, making the little boy a very happy little boy – you can find the tweet below. She also wrote about meeting Eion on the first day of the Convention: “Eion Bailey was totally up for a wristband #selfie4leon! When I explained about our raising awareness he gave me the biggest hug and I was so shocked I was still talking in his ear. Another kind and thoughtful man, he kept our leaflet and said he’d look up our Facebook page. When we introduced him to Leon the next day, he came right over and got close so Leon could see him and started showing him these sketches that an artist did of his kids! Leon loved it, he was totally engaged in the conversation. He was the only guest during the weekend that tried to talk with Leon and it meant a lot to me! Xx”

This proves to me, that Eion loves his Fans and children. The Story is really touching and if you want to find out more about Leon and his Story you can do so on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you’d like to donate for Leons surgery, please feel free to check out the Fundraising.

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